Compact Flash retrofit

The obsolescence of the 240MB and 750MB Zip drive in the European Union and the uncertainty surrounding the availability of both the drive and media globally has led to the introduction of a Compact Flash card reader. In addition to providing a fully supported media, the card reader also provides greater capacity. Compatible Centuri system software versions support up to a 2GB Compact Flash card.

As many personal computers are equipped with card readers as standard or can be upgraded using an inexpensive USB interfaced reader, the Compact Flash drive also provides a practical method of distributing software electronically. Electronic software distribution not only represents a cost saving, but is also environmentally friendly and allows the rapid distribution of new releases.

The upgrade kit contains all of the parts required to replace the original Zip drive with a Compact Flash reader. It is compatible with both the 940 and 960 processors.

To order an upgrade kit or to find out more, please contact your local distributor or office quoting part number 726750CF.

To download the upgrade instructions please click here.