Instructions on using UNetbootin to create an installation USB memory stick

Please note that the original content of the USB memory stick used will be overwritten during this procedure.

  • On a computer running Windows (2000, XP or Vista), download the UNetbootin utility for Windows via the link below:
  • Via the link below, download the ISO image for the version of C10HD software to be installed:
  • Insert a USB memory stick with 4G or higher capacity into one of your computer's USB ports. Once the memory stick is recognised, select 'My Computer'. Right click on the USB memory stick and select format. In the resultant format window, set the file system to FAT32, select Quick Format and enter the C10HD software version as the volume name replacing full stops (.) and back slashes (/) with under scores (_). For example version V1.2/10 would be entered as V1_2_10. Click on start to format the USB memory stick.
  • Launch the UNetbootin utility. In the resulting window, select Diskimage and set the disk image to ISO. Against the disk image option, click on the button with three full stops (...). In the resulting file selection window, navigate to and select the ISO image downloaded in step 2. To avoid overwriting the wrong drive with the C10HD installation software image, double check that the type is set to USB Drive and the Drive selected is your USB Memory stick. In the example below, the USB Memory stick is designated drive E. Once you have confirmed the settings, click on OK to write the image to your memory stick. The process will take approximately 10 minutes.
  • Once complete, click on exit.
  • Safely eject the USB memory stick and physically remove it from your computer's USB port. The memory stick can now be used to install software on your C10HD console.