SSL Native Plug-ins

Duende Owners

SSL Native V6 plug-ins are completely re-written versions of SSL’s Duende Native V5 plug-ins. The audio algorithms and therefore the tonal characteristics of the plug-ins remain unchanged but there have been a range of improvements which include the new higher resolution user interfaces, and underlying framework changes that will ensure that SSL can effectively support SSL Native plug-ins for many years to come.

SSL Duende Native V5 (and earlier version) plug-ins have been withdrawn from sale and no further development work will take place on them.

SSL Native v6 is a free update for existing Duende Native V5 customers. Each existing Duende Native iLok license will work with its SSL Native counterpart (eg SSL Duende Native Channelstrip iLok licenses will also license the SSL Native Channelstrip v6 plug-in).

Duende Native V5 Presets will not work with SSL Native V6 plugins, however SSL Native V6 and Duende Native V5 plug-ins should work side by side within your host DAW.

The Duende Native X-Verb plug-in has now been replaced with FlexVerb, a brand new SSL reverb plug-in that can be licensed with a Duende Native X-Verb iLok license, and is available as a free update to existing Duende Native X-Verb owners.

Duende Native V5 plug-in software remains available for download here.

The free upgrade from SSL Duende Hardware (Classic, Mini & PCIe) is no longer available.