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Legendary mixer Chris Lord-Alge talks about the early years, the evolution of Mix LA, and the early breaks.

Legendary Mixer Chris Lord-Alge takes us through the big hits in his outstanding career so far.... Includes Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Prince, Green Day, P.O....

Legendary Mixer Chris Lord-Alge talks about what he thinks makes a mixer, a Mixer's outlook, and why he still swears by his SSL 4k.

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Lincoln Grounds (Maverick Music) in his studio with the new SSL XL-Desk.
25 May
Maverick Opts for XL with SSL

"This console has a tonne of headroom. I don't think I've ever seen it peak. It just gets out of the way and everything sounds the way you want it to sound."

Lincon Grounds, Maverick Music.

Suffolk, UK – Lincoln Grounds of Maverick Music in the UK, is a versatile, busy Media Composer. He specialises in projects recorded with real instruments and...

17 May
SSL Native V6 Plug-in Bundle Released

Signature SSL processing for your DAW in an enhanced environment

OXFORD, ENGLAND – Solid State Logic is extremely proud to announce the release of SSL Native v6. SSL Native V6 plug-ins replace SSL’s acclaimed Duende Native plug-in collection with completely re-written versions. The fundamental audio characteristics of the plug-ins remain unchanged but there...