C10 HD PLUSCompact, Affordable, Powerful, Easy To Use


Blackrock - DSP Processing power

The Blackrock DSP processor provides the speed, stability and flexibility expected of purpose-built SSL processing. With the C10 Blackrock is built into the console control surface and offers 160 audio channels with full signal processing.

Dual Computer Hybrid

The Blackrock is a dual computer hybrid: The dedicated console CPU provides processing for 160 full channels and their associated signal processing and bussing, with 40 bit floating point architecture underpinning absolute sonic performance. Meanwhile, the firewalled Integration CPU provides secure access to the file management, diagnostics and SNMP facilities.

Processing Capabilities for Audio Distinction

The Blackrock's internal processing architecture is 40 bit floating point, underpinning absolute sonic performance,using algorithms modelled from SSL's legendary analogue consoles. The internal audio sample rate can be set to 48 or 44.1kHz, and sample-rate conversion is performed in 24 bit.

The console can be synchronised to a number of external clock sources, such as video sync, wordclock or AES11/DARS signals. Jitter performance is better than 4ps, accomplishing an exemplary low noise floor, as well as an image stability and audio quality which comfortably exceed the demands of HD 5.1 production.