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Faster, Higher, Further...How SSL beats the Speed of Sound

Driver V1.1 for MAC Performance on Intel MAC's and OSX 10.5/10.6

Core Audio on MAC OSX is a well crafted Audio Environment build right into the Operating System. Core Audio also offers certain features as standard (i.e. Multicard Operation through Aggregate Devices, Multi-client Operation of one Audio Device) that require additional effort from the manufacturer on other OS's.

Core Audio offers a very flexible way to handle the hardware and software buffering tactics, which describe the safety storage of samples that are passed between Audio Hardware and Software.

SSL's brand new Core Audio Pipe Plus Buffering Engine reduces the amount of necessary Safety Storage in Hardware significantly to a 3rd of what it has been in V1 (which was very fast already) and enables reliable operation with the lowest software buffers offered by your DAW software.

Just to put achievable latencies into perspective with the Speed of Sound, the following Graphic shows the time (delay=latency) it takes sound to travel from the source to your ear (at 20°C):


Note: The shorter the faster ;-)

The achievable latency (processing delay) in a digital system also depends on the Sample Rate, the higher it is, the more samples are processed per millisecond.

The following graph shows the achievable roundtrip latencies (MADI IN->Software->MADI OUT) at different Sample Rates (tested with Logic 9.01):

SSL MADI Xtreme speed tests

With MadiXtreme V1.1 for MAC monitoring through the 'native DAW Software' is not an issue anymore, if you use Logic's Low Latency Mode for armed tracks, this is even possible with the built in Logic Effect Plug-Ins.

Note: Depending on the Mac Pro System Configuration, Plug-Ins and Instruments and general project complexity, higher Software Sample Buffers (64samples) may be required, especially for Sample Rates of 96kHz or higher