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SSL Studio Workshops, Demo Days and Trade Shows build local creative communities and share knowledge. They are the very best way to get your hands on our products and discuss your own personal requirements with our expert team.

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InfoComm 2016
8 Jun to 10 Jun

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Broadcast Asia 2016
31 May to 3 Jun

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NucleusThe centre of your professional audio environment


Today SSL’s Music Production Tools lead the way in delivering hybrid production systems that combine the very best of analogue & digital audio technology with hands on control over the DAW environment.
In this brochure: XL-Desk, Matrix2, Sigma, Nucleus, Analogue I/O and Processing. View here.


This manual is designed to provide a comprehensive source of information for Nucleus console users.View here.


Install guide for the Nucleus Logictivity software.View here.


Line drawings and dimensions for Nucleus. View here.


How to configure your Nucleus with Pro Tools®. View here.


How to configure your Nucleus with Cubase and Nuendo®. View here.


How to configure your Nucleus with Logic®. View here.


How to configure your Nucleus with Ableton Live®. View here.


How to configure your Nucleus with Studio One®. View here.


How to configure your Nucleus with Reason®. View here.


How to configure your Nucleus with Pyramix®. View here.


How to configure your Nucleus with Reaper®. View here.