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InfoComm 2016
8 Jun to 10 Jun

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Formation GRATUITE sur SSL Live à Rennes FRANCE
24 May to 27 May


24 May to 27 May

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Broadcast Asia 2016
31 May to 3 Jun

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SSL Live. L500 PlusAbsolute Power and Ultimate Flexibility.


Remote Control & Offline Setup Software

The SSL SOLSA Application allows creation and editing of Live console Showfiles on your laptop or desktop PC. Almost anything that can be done on a console can be manipulated and configured using SOLSA. This includes console architecture configuration and setup of Fader Tile Layers and Banks. Stageboxes and I/O routing can also be assigned along with the creation of scenes and other automation editing. SOLSA also allows you to add effects, manipulate channel processing settings, bus routing and VCA assignments. SOLSA includes the same inline Help System as the Live console software, offering a built in user guide with tutorials and reference sections. The SOLSA PC application can be connected to a console using a wired or wireless connection* for real time control of the console from a laptop or tablet PC. SOLSA can also be used ‘offline’ when access to a console is not possible for preparation of show files. It is possible to load an L300 Showfile on to an L500 console and vice versa. If a Showfile contains more processing than the console is able to provide, it is possible to choose which paths and effects are disabled. This allows the most important channels and mixes to remain active regardless of the console configuration structure.
*Wireless access point required.

SOLSA is not a software console! The software is intended for Remote Control and to enable engineers to configure Showfiles in preparation for shows and is of course a fantastic way for anybody to explore and learn about the SSL Live console. The software does not pass audio. Don't expect it to see your audio interface!

SOLSA is a powerful sophisticated application and consequently requires a powerful computer to run.

SOLSA System requirements

The following are minimum requirements for SOLSA to run correctly on your computer.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit operating system
  • Installations of the Windows operating systems listed above may be run on Intel-based Apple Mac computers using a multi-boot utility such as Boot Camp or virtual environments such as Parallels. The hardware requirements listed below still apply to these environments.


  • Minimum 8GB RAM recommended
  • 2.6GHz Dual core CPU or higher
  • 200MB hard disk space
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 recommended

What You Will Need

  • A account (visit Solid State Logic Registration to create one for free)
  • An active internet connection during installation
  • Appropriate privileges to install software on your PC

SOLSA Software Download

V3.1.14 SOLSA software is only compatible with V3.1.14 console software. V3.0 and earlier showfiles can be loaded onto V3.1 software.

SOLSA Software - PC (64-Bit)

Software Version: V3.1.14
Release Date: 27/10/15
Download Size: 48.4 MB

Installation Instructions

Download Software


Legacy V2.5.17 SOLSA software is only compatible with V2.5.17 console software.
Legacy V3.0.19 SOLSA software is only compatible with V3.0.19 console software.