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Studio Broadcast Live
Large Hall Control Room in the National Theatre of Japan.
"The theatre wanted a console that could be as transparent as possible in order to maintain a...
(L-R) Richard Ferriday, John Hourihane, and Andy Jackson
"These appointments renew and reaffirm our commitment and responsibilities to every SSL...
Peak Audio Responds to Demand and Invests in SSL Live
"There are a lot of engineers talking about SSL… This is a great moment for us to fulfill...
Inside Paradiso with SSL: (from left to right) Rafael Nagelkerke, (Product Specialist with Audio Electronics Mattijsen), Marian Emmen (Head of Sound and Production at Paradiso), and Antony David (Managing Director, Solid State Logic).
"This is a sound desk... Everything has its place. It sounds musical... Everything has space...
Denis Savage (left) - Celine Dion's Tour Manager and Front of House engineer, and Frankie Desjardins (right) - Systems Engineer and Solotech Chief Technical Advisor.
"When we started rehearsing both Frankie and I thought it sounded much wider and deeper than...
SSL Live with TaCo Tablet Control App
SSL Live consoles just keep getting better with more cool features and a great new onstage personal...
Front of House Engineer Miguel Angel Tapia Trujillo at the Pope's visit to Juárez, Mexico.
"The pre-amp is the headline of the console. It is the best of the best…"
Jim Ebdon, FOH Engineer for Maroon 5
"For me, the SSL is an analogue console with a save button!”
The Palais En Jazz stage at night
“With the superb quality of SSL Live and Amadeus loudspeakers a perfect match for Wooten’s...
Chris Pollard, FOH for Mumford & Sons, with the SSL L500 live console.
"The sound of the raw preamp on this console is incredible, and that analogue quality is...
Tim Lenssens (left) of Joystick Audio, and André Schneider (right) of DEE Sound & Light
"You don't need to take racks of outboard - you can mix a complete show with just this...
Michael Montanari, Technical Director at Christ Community Church, Illinois.
"It is a phenomenal sounding console, but for us the flexibility and the configurability of...
Dave Wooster, FOH for Leona Lewis, with the SSL L500.
"In the 33 years I've been doing this, I've never mixed on a system this good...”
Marty Brugmans, FOH for Racoon, with the SSL L500
"SSL brings exciting, transparent, uncompromised audio quality.”
The Church at Brook Hills' Matt Glover (left), Director of Technology, and Landon Robertson (Right), Production Manager and Front of House Engineer with one of the two SSL L300 consoles.
“The board is flexible enough that I can make it sound clean and beautiful, or I can slam it and...
The new Malmö Live music venue in Sweden, with SSL L300 Front of House
"They needed a fantastic console, otherwise all those other things would have been wasted. The...
J Cole Takes L500 to Forest Hills Drive, Live
"I fell in love with the console, its sound, its workflow... SSL is now my preference."
Ted Roberts, Northside Christian Church, with the new SSL L300 live console.
"We're growing what we can do because of all the functionality it provides us."
Feedback Chief Engineer Dennis Dackweiler with the new SSL L500 Plus
“We produce encompassing, visceral experiences for our audiences, and the L500 is the perfect...
The SSL L300 Live Console at FOH for Jurassic 5
"It blew the doors off everybody else. There's nothing that can touch it. Nothing."
Gavin Tempany at monitors with an SSL L500 on the latest Dave Gilmour tour.
"From when I turn up on a rehearsal day at 9 o'clock in the morning until 7pm, I never...
Underworld's Rick Smith with his SSL L500 console.
"This is just an extraordinary thing, and extraordinary for what I know we're going to...
SSL Live Consoles FOH at Church On The Move
"There's a clarity and a transparency that comes from the SSL platform that I have never...
Mark Kennedy at FOH for Faithless with an SSL L500
"It sounds so much better than it's ever sounded before. We’re really happy."
Stagelight's JacoVanDerHeijen (left) and RobertDeLorijn (right) with two of their four SSL Live consoles
"For me, the SSL makes every input smile."
SSL L500 In Action At CCF Alabang
"We chose SSL because of its legendary sound"
 Shane Haase FOH Alabama Shakes
"The SSL Live sounds rich at all dynamic levels and is easy to use on the road"
Gavin Tempany with SSL Live L500 at WOMAD
"Expect to hear a solidity and transient response you didn't know you were missing"
Simon Thomas with SSL Live
"It has an incredibly easy user surface, but my favourite feature is the sound"
Mark de Klerk and Michelle de Klerk from Sound Corporation and Kevin Manas and Auxillia Grove from Hi-Tech Audio
“I love how user-friendly the L500 is; it is compact and it has those familiar features you would...
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