SSL Live. L500 PlusAbsolute Power and Ultimate Flexibility.

Two sizes one soul.

There are two models available in the SSL Live console range, the larger L500 Plus and the smaller L300. At SSL we believe that offering a smaller console should not mean compromising and reducing quality or features. Both consoles use the same Remote I/O, use identical audio conversion and internal audio engine technology. Both consoles use the same Fader Tiles and although the layout of the Master Tile and Control Tile is brought into the same area of the control surface with the L300 the controls available are identical to those in the L500 Plus. The main touch screens are different – they both respond identically but the L300 screen has a lower maximum brightness – it’s still brighter than most and as bright as any competing screen. Both consoles use the same software with identical architecture, routing capability and of course audio processing tool kit – so a full channel on the L500 Plus is the same as a full channel on the L300 and they both offer exactly the same outstanding collection of insert Effects. The differences between the two models centre on physical size, available channel paths & processing power and available I/O. The differences are so straightforward they are summed up extremely clearly in the comparison table below. The L300 is physically smaller, offers less connectivity and is not quite as powerful as the L500 Plus, so it is a more compact, lower cost option – it’s that simple.

L300 L500 Plus
Paths 192 (144 full, 48 dry) 256 (208 full, 48 dry)
Fader Tiles Two (24 +2 faders) Three (36 +2 faders)
Matrix 32 inputs / 36 outputs 32 inputs / 36 outputs
VCA's 36 36
FX Slots 48 96
FX types 45+ 45+
Sample rate 96 kHz or 48kHz 96 kHz or 48kHz
Local analogue I/O 16 mic/line, 16 line out Up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs
Local AES/EBU I/O 4 pairs (with SRC) Up to 8 pairs (with SRC)
MADI ports (coax/optical) 8 (4 redundant pairs) Up to 12 (6 redundant pairs)
MADI FX loop Optical in/out x 1 Optical in/out x 1
Blacklight Optional redundant pair Optional 2 redundant pairs
Dante - IP Audio Network Optional 32x32 redundant pair Optional 32x32 redundant pair
Maximum I/O 568 in /out (600 with Dante) 976 in/out (1008 with Dante)
Channel Control Tile Option Standard
Main touch-screen 19” 600 Nits 19” 1,500 Nits
Power Supply Two redundant as standard Two redundant as standard
Width 923mm (36.3”) 1,191mm (46.9”)
Weight 81Kg (180lbs) 90Kg (200lbs)
Software SSL Live V3 SSL Live V3