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SSL Studio Workshops, Demo Days and Trade Shows build local creative communities and share knowledge. They are the very best way to get your hands on our products and discuss your own personal requirements with our expert team.

Trade Shows
Show Dates
AES 2015 30 October - 1 November 2015

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CCW 2015 11 - 12 November

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SATIS 2015 17 - 19 November 2015

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Workshops, Seminars, Other Events
Event Type Dates City
SSL Demo Day 13 October St. Leon-Rot


SSL Demo Day 15 October Burgebrach


SSL Live Training Tour 13 - 15 October Salt Lake City



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Support for our smaller studio products is handled via our FAQ system. There is a wealth of information in it so please try to answer your questions there first. If you can’t find an answer then use the FAQ Ask A Question interface & our Support team will respond.

SSL Live Consoles The new standard for live mixing

Stunning audio performance meets exceptional human user interface.

SSL Live consoles bring a new level of audio quality and operational flexibility to live sound production. The speed with which operators can achieve outstanding results with our consoles has been praised by leading engineers around the world. Our live consoles share their DNA with all the ground breaking SSL consoles created in our 37 year history in studio, broadcast and post production. Our forte is delivering a sublime combination of exemplary hardware performance, elegant human user interfaces, efficient processing engines and superb signal processing tools. The result is technology that provides exceptional creative immediacy, stunning sonic performance and is a pleasure to use and listen to.

There are now two models available in the SSL Live console range, the larger L500 and the more compact L300. At SSL we believe that offering a more compact console should not mean compromising and reducing quality or features. Both consoles offer the same immaculate, huge SSL sound and the same superb operator experience. There are no compromises in build quality and both consoles use and can share the same Remote I/O. The L300 is physically smaller than the L500, so it is a more compact, lower cost option… with no hidden performance compromises – it’s that simple.