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NAMM 2016
21 Jan to 24 Jan

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BVE 2016
23 Feb to 25 Feb

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8 Mar to 10 Mar

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SSL Live Training Tour
1 Dec to 3 Dec
Las Vegas


SSL Live - Anatomy of a Show 4 Dec Las Vegas


SSL Live Training Tour
15 Dec to 17 Dec



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US Broadcast Equipment Demonstration Vehicle

On tour near you in the USA in 2016!

The SSL Broadcast Equipment Demonstration Vehicle is a sccoustically treated, fully sound- proofed mobile audio production space. it is equipped with an SSL C10 HD PLUS console and a complete collection of SSL’s Dante enabled Network I/O technology. It will be touring the USA throughout 2016 and is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with SSL’s broadcast technology.

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C100 HD PLUSC100 HD PLUS Digital Broadcast Console

Blackrock Processing Power

Blackrock - incredible DSP Processing power

SSL's Blackrock DSP processing platform provides the speed, stability and flexibility expected of purpose-built SSL processing. With the C100 HD PLUS Blackrock provides 588 audio mix paths, with 256 channels of 6 Band EQ and 284 channels of Dynamics with 512 channels of integrated MADI I/O.

Dual Computer Hybrid

The Blackrock is a dual computer hybrid: The dedicated console CPU provides processing for up to 256 full channels and their associated signal processing and bussing, with 40 bit floating point architecture underpinning absolute sonic performance. Meanwhile, the firewalled Integration CPU provides secure access to the file management, diagnostics and SNMP facilities.

Processing Capabilities for Audio Distinction

The Blackrock's internal processing architecture is 40 bit floating point, underpinning absolute sonic performance,using algorithms modelled from SSL's legendary analogue consoles. The internal audio sample rate can be set to 48 or 44.1kHz, and sample-rate conversion is performed in 24 bit.

The console can be synchronised to a number of external clock sources, such as video sync, wordclock or AES11/DARS signals. Jitter performance is better than 4ps, accomplishing an exemplary low noise floor, as well as an image stability and audio quality which comfortably exceed the demands of HD 5.1 production.

Exceptional reliability and ease of maintenance

The Blackrock offers the exceptional level of reliability which SSL customers have come to expect, and which the broadcast industry demands. Extensive redundancy comes as standard, with the option of a complete redundant processing core. The operating system, application software and computer hardware are all entirely unique to SSL, providing total protection against viruses and removing any need for constant security updates and virus-checking, even when moving projects between facilities. SSL's own diagnostic software keeps a constant eye-out for erroneous code, and logs the console's operating conditions over SNMP, enabling faults to be detected and corrected pre-emptively. If a fault cannot be corrected, remote diagnostics enable SSL engineers to find and fix faults, often without waiting for an onsite visit. About 10% of the console's code consists of these watchdog routines and system diagnostics.

The console's DSP has its own self-healing software, providing fast, fault-tolerant processing recovery, with the status of each DSP chip being checked every sample period.

  • 100% virus proof due to proprietary technology
  • Redundancy PSUs and hard drives with option of complete redundant core
  • Remote diagnostics and logging over SNMP
  • Self-healing software