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Trade Shows
Show Dates
NAB New York
9 Nov to 10 Nov

15 Nov to 17 Nov

17 Nov to 20 Nov


Workshops, Seminars, Other Events
Event Type Dates City
Introducing Nucleus2 at Alto 27 Oct New York


Parsons Expo 2016 2 Nov Dedham, MA

Introducing Nucleus2 at SARA Saigon
2 Nov to 3 Nov


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SSL’s Duende Native plug-in collection are available individually or as bundles from the SSL Online Store.

All of our smaller consoles, analogue outboard processors, summing systems and DAW I/O are also all available directly from SSL online.

You can even buy t-shirts and other SSL branded stuff.

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US Broadcast Equipment Demonstration Vehicle

On tour near you in the USA in 2016!

The SSL Broadcast Equipment Demonstration Vehicle is a acoustically treated, fully sound- proofed mobile audio production space. it is equipped with an SSL C10 HD PLUS console and a complete collection of SSL’s Dante enabled Network I/O technology. It will be touring the USA throughout 2016 and is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with SSL’s broadcast technology.

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C10 HD PLUSCompact, Affordable, Powerful, Easy To Use

Multi Console Networking

Seamless facility-wide routing

For multi-studio broadcast facilities, the SSL MORSE router combines with the MORSE stagebox to provide an extremely reliable, sophisticated and scalable solution for sharing audio I/O and managing related control data.

The MORSE router provides each control room with rights managed, shared access to the MORSE stageboxes on every studio floor, supporting up to 4096 x 4096 crosspoints. By using MADI over fibre-optic cables, the audio quality is safeguarded entirely, while embedding routing and IO control data on the fibre-optic cable removes the need for separate serial/ethernet cabling. The router can be controlled from any C100 or C10 console, any authorised PC terminal, or from a 3rd party routing system, using the ProBel SW-P-02 protocol, providing extremely adaptable operational access. With full ownership arbitration controlling the level of access to IO parameters and the routing matrix, control of signals can be confidently reallocated, allowing, for example, the video gallery monitoring to be controlled directly by producer and director, rather than requiring intervention by the audio operator.

3U and 6U chassis sizes are available, with cards being interchangeable between the two chassis sizes, allowing existing modules to be re-deployed within a facility or reused in an expanded frame when an upgrade is required.

In both frame sizes, the router can be configured as a fully redundant, mirrored system, with every module duplicated – PSU, sync clock input, communications controller, crosspoint matrix and MADI I/O. The inherent interdependence of backplane designs is avoided by using an internal star configuration of connections, allowing hot-swap of router cards. This offers low-impact maintenance – even while on-air. The lack of reliance on a PC for operation combine with low power consumption, convection cooling and 100% proprietary technology to ensure that the router provides extremely reliable facility-wide routing.

Key Features

  • Can be a fully redundant, mirrored system, with every module duplicated
  • Fibre-optic MADI guarantee pristine audio
  • Embedded control data simplify cabling and operation
  • Supports up to 4096 x 4096 crosspoints
  • Zero-downtime maintenance, provided through hot-swap hardware
  • Highly adaptable operational access options
  • Removal of common vulnerabilities, as no PC is required for operation
  • Offline configuration and system overview, through optional PC
  • Multiple additional system control stations, on multiple PCs, with full ownership arbitration